Our Fees

“The price is what you pay; the value is what you get…” Warren Buffett

Our first meeting is very informal. It’s a chance for us to learn about each other. It’s where we will explore whether we can help you and talk about ways we could work together. This first catch up is at no cost to you.

At our second meeting, we will open our discussions further including specific areas of advice and give you an idea of how much it will cost to prepare and present you with your Statement of Advice.

We are a Fee for Service practice, so you know the exact cost before proceeding with any advice and you only pay for the advice you want.

We prefer not to accept commissions from any source from new clients for any products recommended by PECUNIA Private Wealth Management, there may be some unique circumstances in which due to prior arrangements where this may be unavoidable. Our advisers will rebate this commission and charge you an agreed set fee instead. That agreed fee will be calculated based on the complexity of the work and the amount of time required by the planner to give the advice and/or implement it. The fee will be agreed with you prior to advice being provided and be disclosed in the advice document.

We and our clients believe this maximises our clients’ trust and confidence that our advice is in their interests and there are no hidden relationships influencing our advice and recommendations. Our clients come first at all times. This policy is critical to our client advisor relationships and we will not prejudice it under any circumstances.

You may be able to pay for your financial plan from your super. This method of payment is often preferred as it allows our clients an opportunity that may otherwise be out of reach.