Investment Portfolio Advice and Management

We believe that clients are fundamentally conservative by nature, nobody likes taking too much risk with their money.

Your investment portfolio is a living thing. At PECUNIA Private Wealth Management, we don’t do “day trading” investments. Instead, we recommend and review your portfolio’s long-term performance. We keep ourselves well-informed about changes in the market. When reviewing your portfolio, needs and circumstances we may recommend strategic changes rather than trying to guess new higher risk investment opportunities before they reach the business pages, using independent filtered research to separate truth from hype.

And we do all this while keeping an eye firmly on the long term, so we don’t fall prey to the investor’s curse of overreacting to short-term trends.

Platform & Direct Investment Approach

Our approach to portfolio management is based on direct investments, wholesale managed funds, term deposits and cash investment within a simple portfolio administration platform. This is certainly an easier option for our clients to effectively receive a diversified portfolio of asset with the added benefit of not having to directly deal with all the time taken up in gathering tax reports, accessing consolidated reporting and transaction details whilst also trying to manage corporate actions such as Share Purchase Plans etc.

Many of our client like to have Direct Property within their portfolio. We have no concerns with this at all and in fact agree that there may be a perfectly good reason to have this as part of a truly diversified portfolio. We can work with your property adviser or agent to ensure that the correct outcome in making such an investment is completed, such as the correct ownership structure, cashflow management etc.

Above all, you can rest assured that the investment portfolio that PECUNIA Private Wealth Management advises you on will be based entirely on your goals and your risk preferences. Because we’re not institutionally owned or licensed, we answer only to you, never to a parent company pressing us to recommend their own investment products.

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Michael Carlton

CEO & Senior Adviser

Michael Carlton, Director & Senior Adviser
PECUNIA Private Wealth Management is a privately owned advisory firm, with Michael Carlton (Director & Senior Adviser) having over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services profession, working in both the Corporate and Private Sectors, most recently having worked with one of Australasia's leading providers of integrated financial services and accounting services as a Senior Financial Adviser (Private Wealth Manager).

Our Clients include;
• Doctors, Dentists, Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals;
• Business Owners, Business Leaders, Retirees and Accumulators;
• Individual and Corporate Trustees of Self - Managed Super Funds; and
• High Net Worth Individuals

Corporate Experience, Personal Approach:
Specialising in, Long Term Investment and Wealth Creation Strategic Planning, Investment Portfolio Advice and Management, Retirement Planning, Self - Managed Super Funds, Personal Risk Protection, Succession and Estate Planning, PECUNIA Private Wealth Management’s Director & Senior Adviser, Michael Carlton has earned a reputation for unwavering commitment to these clients based on the core principles of genuine client advocacy, quality advice, and the provision of personalised not corporatised service over many years, with a low client to adviser ratio and will not compromise on this.

Fee for Service Only
"The price is what you pay, the value is what you get..." Warren Buffett
• We are a Fee for Service Practice, so you know the exact cost before proceeding with any advice;
• We DO NOT accept Commissions, from our recommended products or services

PECUNIA Private Wealth Management provides these services to clients throughout the Eastern States of Australia, from Queensland right through to Tasmania and whilst also having a number of expat clients located overseas. Through the use of technology and with regular visitations all of these clients enjoy continued full access to Michael and the PECUNIA Private Wealth Management team.

Michael has completed the Diploma of Financial Planning, Masters of Applied Finance, is a Member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), is a SMSF Association and is currently undertaking further post graduate studies.

We exist to provide personalised “Inspired Strategic Thinking Today For Your Future Tomorrows”.

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